Loyalty Program Sale - Lego Disney Arendelle Fortress Town - Mother's Day Mixer:£58

Loyalty Program Sale - Lego Disney Arendelle Fortress Town - Mother's Day Mixer:£58

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Product Description

Loyalty Program Sale - Lego Disney Arendelle Fortress Town - Mother's Day Mixer:£58 - Lego Disney

Icy palace steps over 11' (30cm) higher, 11' (30cm) large and 4' (12cm) deep.
Integrate with the 41164 Enchanted Treehouse, 41165 Anna's Canoe Exploration, 41166 Elsa's Wagon Adventure, 41168 Elsa's Fashion jewelry Box Development as well as 41169 Olaf for a lot more l Disney Frozen II adventures.

Baker's slow procedures over 3' (8cm) higher, 1' (4cm) large and 1' (3cm) deep-seated.
Raise the coverlet to 'tuck' a mini-doll inside the bedroom!
Fishmonger delay along with dock measures over 2' (7cm) high, 3' (8cm) broad as well as 2' (6cm) deep.
Rowing boat measures over 1' (5cm) higher, 4' (12cm) long and 1' (4cm) wide.
Includes Elsa, Anna and also Kristoff mini-doll bodies, plus 3 pet amounts: a feline and also 2 birds.
The furnishings pieces are created to become quickly moved and also mixed around between the rooms.
Inspire creativity as kids produce, construct and also participate in out the Frozen II world in Anna and also Elsa's castle, after that comprise icy accounts and new settings making use of the blocks.
This Frosted playset for all enthusiasts of the Frozen II motion picture makes a best Xmas present or birthday celebration gift.
Functions a 3-story castle with power space, attic and also bedroom, baker's stall, fishmonger's slow with tiny dock as well as a rowing boat with oars.

Add-on aspects feature a picture and easel, treasure upper body, crown, telescope, breast along with platform, bird residence, lamppost, gift carton, present, fish, complainer, bread, veggies, broom as well as a sword.

The modular design implies the 3 tales could be dissected and also reassembled, creating it quick and easy for good friends to participate in inside different aspect of the palace all at once.
The l Disney Frozen II 41167 Arendelle Fortress Town playset are going to give any fan of the film unlimited hours of enchanting innovative action. Perfect for reenacting favorite scenes, Anna and Elsa's home has 3 accounts that could be conveniently cleared away as well as rebuilded for play gain access to inside. The home furniture pieces are actually also designed to be simply relocated as well as repositioned between crown bed room, attic and also room floors. Outside, the marketplace stalls contain their finest produce, and there's a rowing boat at the jetty, simply hanging around to become taken on an experience! This Arendelle playset consists of 3 preferred Disney personalities and also 3 LEGO animal numbers.