Seasonal Sale - Lego Brickheadz Special Day Mime - Surprise:£9

Seasonal Sale - Lego Brickheadz Special Day Mime - Surprise:£9

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Product Description

Seasonal Sale - Lego Brickheadz Special Day Mime - Surprise:£9 - Lego Brickheadz

Bring in any person's time even more unique with this BrickHeadz? 40348 Birthday party Mime. This adorable construction character possesses all the particulars you would assume in a joyful mime, consisting of vivid garments, iconic orange hair and high hat, 2 balloons, birthday celebration present, satisfied birthday flag as well as a birthday cake along with a candle light. This exciting set additionally includes a sticker label piece along with 'DELIGHTED BIRTHDAY PARTY!' in a selection of languages.

Birthday Mime plaything dominates 4' (12cm) tall.
Have a good time developing your BrickHeadz? collection with a wonderful range of personalities from your preferred motion pictures, TV set, games and also witties.
Squish up your BrickHeadz? development characters to generate super-cool crossbreeds or even your personal incredible characters.
Label piece message accessible in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and also Hungarian.

Buildable BrickHeadz? interpretation of a Birthday party Clown features BrickHeadz eyes and also real-life mime detailing, featuring multicolored apparel, famous orange hair as well as high hat, 2 balloons, birthday party gift, pleased birthday party banner as well as a covered with a candle.